Flirting On Facebook – Cause of many divorces in UK

Flirting On Facebook – Cause of many divorces in UK

Flirting On Facebook Big Cause of Divorce

Flirting on social networking site such as MySpace has been blamed as the cause of many failed marriages in UK. The most popular of the social networking sites; Facebook was blamed for the failure of about 1 out of 3 marriages in UK, according to a survey published by divorce website Divorce Online.

The report claimed that at at the end of 2009, 20% of divorce petition cited flirting on Facebook as the reason for instigating divorce proceedings, 2 year later, at the end of 2011, and increase of 13% was recorded, bringing divorce attributed to flirting on Facebook to 33%.

When specific behaviour that actually bring about divorces were analysed, the most common reasons includes spouses posting inappropriate messages to members of the opposite sex and Facebook friends reporting spouse’s behaviour. Separated spouses posting about each other also hasten divorces.

Facebook is definitely not the least site anyone considering flirting with members of the opposite sex should use giving the public nature of posting on Facebook. A much better platform for married men and women who want to flirt or have an affair is a site such as Very Naughty extramarital affairs dating site. Posting and messages on Very Naughty are private, cannot be view by any one other than members of the site.

The second most popular social networking site, the micro-bloging platform Twitter was mentioned only in 20 of the 5,000 divorce petition.

Take Your Ex Back, Is It A Good Idea?

Take Your Ex Back, Is It A Good Idea?

The end of a relationship comes with a lot of heartache, and for most people it can also be a confusing time. It is easy to think about taking an ex back, even if the relationship was a bad one, just because the thought of being alone is scary. But if you do decide to take your ex back, it should be for the right reasons.
There are times when taking an ex back is not recommended, like if they were abusing you. In this instance, you would be crazy to take them back, especially if they did not go through the process of getting the help that they need. It is important to realize that some people will not change, even if they say that they will, and the best way to predict future behavior from someone is based on past or present behavior.
It is lonely to suddenly go from being in a relationship to being single. When an ex of yours is asking to come back, you need to think about the relationship and how it was for you. Think about whether your ex made you happy and respected you. Look at all the good things about that relationship, which will be the reasons why you would want to take them back.
On the other side of the fence, realize that the relationship did end, and at some point you thought walking away was the best decision for you. You need to zoom into the problems that caused the end of the relationship and you will need to tackle the issues that caused the breakup.
If your ex is serious about coming back into your life, they need to take responsibility for their part in why the relationship failed to begin with. If there are issues to be sorted out, then they need to commit to that and do whatever work that they should. It is important that they are accountable for whatever problems they brought into the relationship.
You can set some rules that can determine their coming back into your life. If your relationship was a good one overall, then there is no reason why you should not take your ex back. If the thought of them being in your life again makes you smile, then it is something that you should consider.
If you are looking for them to come back because you are totally dependent on them, then that is not a good reason to want them back in your life. The only reason you should want someone back should be because you love them, and you want to share your life with them, and because you feel they are the right person for you. It will only work if you are also the right person for them.
Ask yourself these questions; were you happy with them in your life? Are you both willing to compromise and work hand in hand to make the relationship what it should be? Is there love, respect and honesty in the relationship? Was there more good than bad in the relationship? Depending on some of these answers, then you should look at taking your ex back.
Make sure that before you take the plunge and welcome your ex back, you should sit down with your ex and have a heart to heart, and talk about the relationship. It is important that they want you back for the right reasons, and that you are taking them back for the right reasons, otherwise you will be setting yourself up for disappointment and hurt.

Flirting Online help boost self-esteem for some women

Boost your self esteem, Flirt Online

Flirting Online

Flirt Online

According to this very interesting article from a Canadian site, Flirting Online help boost self-esteem. Excerpt from the article below, you can read the full article at the site, there is a link to the site at the bottom of the excerpt.

The popularity of the new social media site LikeALittle has skyrocketed after popping onto the University of Calgary scene last year. The site, which encourages users to “flirt anonymously with students on your campus,” has given students the means to procrastinate on essays, waste their Friday nights and avoid talking to peers in real life.

Recent English graduate Sandra Thompson said, despite having graduated, she hangs out on campus as much as she can in hopes of being noticed.

“I used to frequent Craigslist’s ‘Missed Connections’,” she said. “But I was never posted about because it was city-wide and I was always at school studying.”

LikeALittle, however, is campus-specific and allows anyone to flirt anonymously — the nature of the site allows people to flirt without the burden of small talk or conversation.

Thompson said she is constantly at MacEwan Hall and the Taylor Family Digital Library in order to have maximum exposure around campus.

About once a day Thompson posts on the site. Her latest post was on Sunday, Nov. 27 at 11:43 a.m. and said: ‘I hope one day, someone will notice and post about me.’

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