Flirting On Facebook – Cause of many divorces in UK

Flirting On Facebook – Cause of many divorces in UK

Flirting On Facebook Big Cause of Divorce

Flirting on social networking site such as MySpace has been blamed as the cause of many failed marriages in UK. The most popular of the social networking sites; Facebook was blamed for the failure of about 1 out of 3 marriages in UK, according to a survey published by divorce website Divorce Online.

The report claimed that at at the end of 2009, 20% of divorce petition cited flirting on Facebook as the reason for instigating divorce proceedings, 2 year later, at the end of 2011, and increase of 13% was recorded, bringing divorce attributed to flirting on Facebook to 33%.

When specific behaviour that actually bring about divorces were analysed, the most common reasons includes spouses posting inappropriate messages to members of the opposite sex and Facebook friends reporting spouse’s behaviour. Separated spouses posting about each other also hasten divorces.

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The second most popular social networking site, the micro-bloging platform Twitter was mentioned only in 20 of the 5,000 divorce petition.