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Best sex positions – give her maximum satisfaction

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Best sex positions – make her scream

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Dating Again After the Breakdown Of A Long Term Relationship

Dating Again After the Breakdown Of A Long Term Relationship

Having a relationship end, especially a relationship that you wanted to work is difficult. The feelings of hurt, despair, devastation and emptiness that most people feel are very real, and they can make getting into a new relationship very difficult. It is because of this emotional struggle that makes it crucial that you deal with the issues that may arise from the breakdown of the relationship, before you attempt another one.
It is normal to have issues about being uncomfortable and unsure about getting back into the dating scene again, but after being depressed for a long time you might be ready to get out there. You can only do this if you have processed everything that has happened with your past relationship, because if there are unresolved feelings, it is going to be difficult to get into another relationship. Even if you are able to start one, the issues from your past relationship will interfere into the new one, which will further complicate things for you.
Traditional dating is hard and I would not recommend it for someone who has been out of the dating scene for a long time. Online dating brings the perfect opportunity, where you can remember how to date for success and re-learn all the tips that you need. You will also be able to set the pace in terms how quickly you want to move or how slowly you want it to progress, unlike with traditional dating where you might have the pressure of seeing this new person.
You may choose to be honest about what you have been through, so whoever chooses to get involved with you knows the kind of baggage that you may be carrying. If you are looking for something playful, be honest about that, so that you refrain from hurting someone who thinks there might be a chance to have something more with you.
In the quest of deciding what you want, you should take some time to know yourself again. People change in long term relationships, as relationships change who you are. All the compromise that you have made should be put aside so that you can do something that is uniquely you and that you want to do without thinking about someone else.
When you decide to get back into the dating scene, do not make the mistake of comparing your ex with someone new. It is a natural process, but be aware of yourself when you are doing it, and give the new person in your life a proper chance instead of judging them based on your ex girlfriend.
Refrain from talking about your ex girlfriend all the time, because it is definitely not a nice thing for the new person in your life. Focus on right now and having fun with whoever you are with, and you just might start to appreciate who they are in your life.
Remember to take it as easy as you want to, there is no hurry when it comes to dating, and with the many opportunities to meet someone you should not feel like time is running against you. You might be weary of entering a new relationship with the hurt of the previous one still fresh in your mind, so take it easy and be sure about what you want.

Flirting with a Married Woman

Flirting with a Married Woman

Flirting online


Great we have been ‘Let off the Leash’ we have no restrictions about a flirting with a ‘MILF’ and/or ‘Flirting with a Married Woman’
These type of women are either latent ‘Horn Dogs’or open ‘Brazen Hussies’
Flirting is all about getting to the ‘Honey Pot’ via Route One methods

1. Ask the MILF about her ‘Old Man’ boyfriend or husband – you need to see the lights change to ‘Green’ OK you are on Green now you know the ‘Old Man’ likes Pigeon Racing – David Beckham playing football and the likes of Horse Racing – Golf and Politics – Yawn!
2. Right get going flirting on the green road and drive at top speed towards the genitalia of the married woman!
3. Get her to laugh and get aroused when you tell her what you are going to do for her feline desires. You can use any description or euphemism you like eg ‘Tom Cat chased down a pussy and when cornered the pussy lay on its back and opened her legs’ Flirting BS like that is all you will need as she is used to hearing chat about pigeon racing! Your number one focus is flirting about her ‘Sex’ and ‘Genitalia’
4. After all you have nothing to worry about because the first time you met the married woman. You looked into her eyes and thought she was ‘Cock Eyed’ this was not all illusion. ‘Cock Eyed’ is well known as genetic malfunction that MILFs who are not getting enough ‘Sex’ suffer from! The only man I ever met who had a surefire cure for this ‘Cock Eyed’ look was in his opinion always to thrust home the last inch as that always seems to get MILFs looking straight ahead!
5. Finally how far flirting will lead you with a married woman is usually up to the man – meaning that he may decide to flirt around bringing sex toys into the mix – which has even been known as a temporary fix for the ‘Cock Eyed’ look which the curious MILF often replaces with an ‘OPEN EYED’ stare – a gasp – and a pleading ‘Yes Please’
6. Flirting summary keep on topic ‘Sex’ and ‘Genitalia’ then let the screwing begin!
Flirting with a Married Woman…
MILF – meaning – Mom I’d like to F**k!